Blue is the best color!

Ko'mui Aliapoh

Ko'mui is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fella who loves his job. What he lacks in brain cells he makes up for with heart.


Nicknames & Aliases

Komui, Mui




21st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon


Seeker/Keeper halfbreed





Marital Status

In a relationship, never married




The Mist


The wilderness at the northern border of the Shroud

Patron Deity






Deep blue undercut with lighter, slightly longer spiked blue hair on top


Left is bright blue, right is orange


Peach with gray undertones


5 fulms, 7 ilms


Mesomorphic, strong

Distinguishing Features

His odd, brightly colored eyes pale in comparison to the distracting criss-cross of discolored skin consuming the very center of his face.

Despite being a halfbreed, his physiognomy would fool just about anybody into believing he's a Keeper. His greatest superficial giveaway is his short canines.


Ko'mui wears his love for the color blue. Anything he appears in public with usually has blue on it somewhere. That is... if it's not already all over him.

Common Accessories



Positive Traits

Imaginative, sincere, cooperative, relaxed

Neutral Traits

Cheeky, simple, impassioned, mischievous

Negative Traits

Gullible, uneducated, block-headed


Ko'mui has a love of the sea that rivals its very own expansiveness, but a pair of sea legs is nowhere to be found-- he seems perfectly content to appreciate it from ashore.

His other interests include building and flying kites, hardcore parkour, backpacking, and swimming. He's likely to enjoy most outdoor activities.

Dislikes & Fears

Ko'mui dislikes red meat, the Shroud, and the smell of ochu.

He fears things being thrown at or foisted into his face, and Seeker/Keeper tensions.


  • Ko'mui does not eat red meat; he dislikes the taste.

  • His choice in fashion seems to hinge entirely on whether or not it's his favorite color. He's liable to show up wearing a full set of knight's armor if it was the deepest, richest blue he's ever seen.

  • He has a faithful chocobo named Peetie that he relies on for speedy transportation across Vylbrand.

  • He's a bit of a lightweight and tends to stick to one or two drinks at most as a result.

  • Believes in the existence of mythical creatures, like moogles.


Vylbrand Voyager

Ko'mui's work as a deliveryman brings him all over the island, and he is liable to run into all manner of people.

Anyone who needs a parcel or shipment quickly and efficiently is also likely to meet him!

Friendly Face

He appears bright-eyed, amiable, and approachable.

'X' Marks the Spot

The big scar on his face could be worth bringing up by anyone bold (or ignorant) enough.

What in Catte's Name?!

Those familiar with miqo'te naming conventions may take note of the uncommon structure of his name.

Writer's Notes

Thanks to my forgetful nature, I keep these notes to ensure I am always on my A-game when writing Ko'mui.

Not sure how you ended up here if I didn't link you, but there's lots of spoilers and meta knowledge here, so turn away now if you're not interested.

How to write a Ko'mui


  • Ko'mui is a simple catte who lives for his job as a deliveryman. He's very friendly and jovial, if a little dense.

  • He tends to dream big and believes in the existence of mythical creatures, such as moogles.

  • Doesn't drink much! He can't hold his liquor. If he does, he prefers it to be light.

  • Doesn't tend to frown much, but doesn't favor a smile either. His resting expression is largely "neutral, but approachably so."


  • Ko'mui has a complex when it comes to people being near his face, or putting anything near it. He tends to react very carnally by immediately performing whatever action necessary to fend off what's in his face.

  • Ko'mui tends to fold in on himself and allows his bubbly personality to withdraw when approached with or in the vicinity of Miqo'te related tensions, especially when it's Seeker vs. Keeper. It puts him back to when he was tribal.

  • Ko'mui's tolerance for aetheryte travel is shockingly low for someone who's job it is to travel all over. One teleport is enough to put him out of commission for days. He is sensitive to large concentrations of aether in general and won't hang around long if it's dense in the air.

  • Ko'mui has trouble understanding eloquent speech and bookish topics. His education and development suffered slightly as a child due to his isolation.

  • The site of Ko'mui's burn scar is partially numb, with bouts of pain that come and go. He can't frown or furrow his brows without causing himself discomfort due to his scar.


  • Ko'mui is the result of the Ko tribe Nunh bringing a Keeper he had fallen in love with into his tribe. Its members were not happy in the slightest, but in the end they had little bearing on the matter. They soon conceived and gave birth to a scrappy little child.

  • Ko'mui was to be given the name Tia, but resistance in the tribe ultimately settled in him taking his mother's surname; the reason behind this being that the tribe insisted he was not wholly Seeker, and therefore should not be able to contend for a place as Nunh.

  • After the unrest related to Ko'mui's mere existence had settled in the tribe, about half came to indifferent terms with the Keeper and her halfblood child. The other half remained vitriolic and angry over Ko'mui's entire childhood.

  • Ko'mui's childhood frequently flip-flopped between tolerable and not. He tended to hole up with his mother, who faced just as much ostracization from her own tribe. They would often remain at the Nuhn's side under his watchful eye. He was understandably sick of his tribe's shit, but this would often be misconstrued by Ko'mui's young mind as his father being tired of him.

  • The breaking point came one night outside of the village when Ko'mui was about fifteen. A Tia that was much older than him sprang, pinned him down, and brushed an acidic mixture over Ko'mui's face. He was unablel to break free as the acid ate away at his skin, branding him permanently as a mistake upon the tribe. Ko'mui did not return home that night, if he could even call it that.

  • Ko'mui lived freely in the wilds as he migrated south with no destination in mind. His travels landed him on the coast of Thanalan, where he saw a sight that would change his perception of the world forever. Before, the world felt so small. It was him, his village, the people who hated him, the people who tolerated him, and the thousands of acres of wooded area around it. He'd traveled far, seen rivers and sand and civilization. But nothing seemed to stir his soul like the sight of the ocean. So vast and bright and blue-- it felt to be a symbol of his new life. And he was going to cross it to Vylbrand.

  • Ko'mui arrived at La Noscea, and as it would turn out, he LOVES the place. He quickly settled and planted his roots, making money by taking on odd jobs until he could find something more long term. His efforts would reward him with the job he still holds today, as a courier.